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Backsplash Tile

Backsplash Tiles

Have you been thinking of updating your kitchen or bathroom with something simple that can make a huge impact? Consider taking a look at our collection of backsplash tiles. Carpet One Floor & Home in Woodstock is your local kitchen and bathroom design experts. Our design professionals can help you transform your space. Your kitchen and bathroom hold the most value in your home, so why not make those spaces beautiful. It is the little details in a space that can really make the biggest impact. A great backsplash is one that is both functional and fashionable. 

What is a Tile Backsplash?

Tile backsplash is an extension of your countertops up to the base of your cabinets or all the way up to the ceiling. The right kind of backsplash can make your kitchen look almost brand new. It can round out textures, colours, and design patterns. One of the many features of backsplash is it can be installed simultaneously with your countertops, or later on down the road. The most popular materials for backsplashes are ceramic tile, porcelain, cement, stone, and glass. The best tile for a kitchen backsplash is based on your personal style, as well as how much you want to spend. 

You will often find backsplashes are installed in kitchens surrounding sinks and stoves. The original purpose of backsplash tile was to protect the walls from water stains, grease splatter, and other damage caused by tools left out on your countertops for daily use. You can also add backsplash to bathrooms behind toilets and sinks, and even surrounding showers. We also have tile that can be installed in custom tiled shower stalls as niches.

If you’d like to see our selection of backsplash tiles or want to learn more about where you should install backsplash, be sure to stop by our showroom and speak with one of our flooring professionals!

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